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Thursday / December 8.
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Marketing automation tips to boost earned media reach


It’s important to know which publications will reach your target audience, as well as the type of content that interests those publications

Mark Nardone, PAN Communications



Marketing automation software has become an integral part of the PR industry’s digital transformation. As the discipline continues to integrate with marketing, the most successful organizations – whether agencies or in-house teams – lean on marketing platforms to augment their targeting efforts.

Distributing earned media through inbound marketing tools allows brands to drive prospective customers into the sales funnel in a more organized and efficient fashion. Learning how to utilize these tools is a multi-step process, but one that is well worth the effort in the long run.

Selecting an integrated firm is a fast and effective way to manage marketing technology platforms, while moving prospects and customers through the funnel. And there are four steps that can maximize results.

Developing a personal approach

An integrated agency’s first step to help clients identify marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs) is to develop personas for more personalized content and messaging. Platforms help to gather data about consumption habits and relevant and resonating content.

Creating the right content for the right audience

You want to create quality premium content focused around your brand’s persona – and pitch that content out accordingly. It’s important to know which publications will reach your target audience, as well as the type of content that interests those publications.

Securing relevant media coverage is essential to increasing brand awareness and, subsequently, driving MQLs into the sales funnel.

Amplifying engagement

Once your prospective customers are in the awareness stage, your next focus should be on increasing content downloads and engagement with your brand. Integrated firms curate this content on social channels deemed most relevant to your target audience.

Marketing platforms can assist in this process by scheduling content and posting at high-traffic times to increase total impressions and engagements. Ultimately, this leads to more downloads.

Always evaluate

At this point, you’ve identified your audience, developed content that resonates with each customer, and used marketing platforms to place the content on your desired channels.

It’s now time to analyze campaign data and evaluate the most effective content and traffic channels that will offer areas of improvement for existing and future initiatives. This process must be continuous – neglecting to measure your campaigns until after they’ve run prevents you from optimizing and creating the best results possible.

And this step cannot succeed without transparency. Accurate measurement is extremely difficult for brands that invest in marketing technology but do not share the performance of the campaign with their firm.

Organizing campaigns with marketing automation tools, while effectively communicating with your integrated firm, will lead to successful campaigns and increased customers in the sales funnel.


Mark Nardone is EVP of PAN Communications.


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