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Saturday / October 16.
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5 Young Latin American Influencers You Should Know

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With September 15 – October 15 being National Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s the perfect time to highlight some of the top influencers among the U.S.-based Latin American community.


Joanna “Rants” Hausmann

Joanna Hausmann is Venezuelan American and possibly the funniest person on this list. With over 230K subscribers on YouTube, she is a definite favorite on the channel. She also has over 60K followers on Twitter and over 148K followers on Instagram. Her ability to create content that both entertains and educates viewers is a major reason why she has made it onto this list.

You can watch her content via FLAMA, where you can find creative videos that cover young Latino heritage and culture.


Arturo Castro

Arturo Castro is a Guatemalan actor and comedian who became known for his role as Jaimé Castro on Comedy Central’s Broad City. He currently has a sketch show titled Alterlatino, which addresses topics relevant to many of today’s young people while filtering it through the lens of his own life experience.

Castro has over 10K Twitter followers and over 95K Instagram followers.

Castro helps fill a necessary space on cable television as a young Latino bringing up issues that many go through, packaging it in an incredibly relevant and digestible format.

Elizabeth Acevedo

Elizabeth Acevedo is an Afro-Dominican American poet and author of books such as The Poet X. She writes poems and stories that young women relate to on a multitude of levels and varying intersections. Acevedo has over 30K followers on Twitter and over 40K followers on Instagram.

She holds a place on the list as a result of her incredible talent as a writer, but also because she represents a commonly overlooked global Afro-Latino population. She is a powerful force and advocate for young women of color everywhere.

Julio Torres

Julio Torres is a Salvadorian comedian and actor best known for his work on the HBO series Los Espookys. He is also a writer on Saturday Night Live and has a comedy special titled My Favorite Shapes that premiered August 10 on HBO. Torres has over 40K Instagram followers and over 64K Twitter followers.

Torres makes the list due to his achievements in comedy as an openly gay Latino SNL writer, who also landed a role on an all-Spanish language HBO production. He deconstructs the patriarchal idea of what Latin American masculinity should be and does so effortlessly by just being himself.

Yovana Mendoza

Yovana Mendoza is a Mexican American content creator and self-proclaimed food enthusiast. Popular on Instagram, she has 1.2 million followers. Mendoza chronicles her journey in health, fitness and eating well. She also has over 450K subscribers to her YouTube channel and over 56K followers on Twitter.

Mendoza is an ambassador for a healthy lifestyle and inspires over a million people to eat well and take agency over their own health. There are a lot of great Latin-based foods and recipes out there, but watching Yovana’s fresh take on some classics has the potential to inspire many young Latin Americans to level up.


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