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Wednesday / November 21.
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Earned Media Rising Podcast: Using storytelling to shape public perception


EPISODE 13: Using storytelling to shape public perception – featuring Stella Low, senior VP of global communications, Dell

Stella Low of Dell talked with PRWeek executive editor Bernadette Casey about using storytelling to strengthen media relations, how to approach the media when there is a big story to tell, and the ways data and measurement can inform the art of storytelling.



EPISODE 12: Changing the narrative: PR and the media landscape – featuring Nadine General, VP, agency nonprofit services, Dixon Schwabl, and Sandy Cross, senior director, diversity & inclusion, PGA

Nadine General of Dixon Schwabl and the PGA’s Sandy Cross chat with Bernadette Casey, executive editor, PRWeek, about whether the need to ensure diversity and inclusion is changing PR’s approach to media relations, how PR pros can promote ethical journalism, and what are some effective strategies for working with bloggers, vloggers, and influencers.



EPISODE 11: Integrating marketing and communications to drive business value

Susan Corcoran, SVP, director of publicity and strategic partnerships, and Leigh Marchant, SVP, director of marketing and business development, both of Random House Group, sit down with PRWeek managing editor Gideon Fidelzeid to discuss connecting earned media to broader marketing and communications directives, how the drive toward integration has changed responsibilities, and how it has changed team and workflow expectations.



EPISODE 10: How to communicate trust and integrity to stakeholders – featuring Michael Neuwirth, Danone North America

Danone’s senior director, external comms, speaks to PRWeek managing editor Gideon Fidelzeid about do’s and don’ts of communicating trust to stakeholders – externally and internally, why social purpose is a necessity for brands, how does Danone use earned media to demonstrate authenticity, and top tips on handling a modern-day crisis.



EPISODE 9: How an organization can expand its influence  – featuring Brett Jewkes, SVP, CCO, AMB Group

AMB Group is the investment management and support services arm of Arthur Blank’s for-profit businesses, which includes the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC, among others. The group’s SVP and CCO speaks to PRWeek managing editor Gideon Fidelzeid about leveraging brand ambassadors effectively, the comms-CEO relationship, earning media in outlets outside your comfort zone, and what is the real value to a brand to have its name on a stadium or arena.



EPISODE 8: How earned media helps brands stay relevant – featuring Weight Watchers SVP of corporate comms Stacie Sherer

Weight Watchers works every day to stay ahead of an increasing number of competitors. As SVP of corporate comms Stacie Sherer tells PRWeek managing editor Gideon Fidelzeid, the 55-year-old company’s secret weapon is earned media. In this podcast, Sherer discussed how the iconic brand relies on earned media to work with influencers, empower employees, and help current and prospective customers pursue a healthier lifestyle.



EPISODE 7: The ever-changing earned media landscape – featuring Cision CEO Kevin Akeroyd

PRWeek managing editor Gideon Fidelzeid and Kevin Akeroyd discuss the upheaval in the comms industry and the obvious need for PR pros to take action; what are some opportunities for PR firms and brands in this new environment; the role of earned media in a fake news world; and there’s a brief overview of Cision Impact and the company’s recent partnership with MediaMath.



EPISODE 6: How paid, earned, and owned can benefit each other in times of crisis – featuring Michele Moore, CCO, ACLU, and Jeanine Liburd, chief marketing and communications Officer for BET Networks

Michele Moore and Jeanine Liburd discuss the strengths of paid, earned, and owned media in handling a crisis, how do you determine the best mix of advertising, PR, and marketing during these times, how the president effectively uses social media, which department – comms or marketing – takes the lead during a crisis, and some best case examples from companies that expertly handled crises in the past.



EPISODE 5: Smashing Silos – Aligning Communications with Other Disciplines – featuring Tara Rush, Heineken, and Bryan Specht, Olson

Tara Rush and Bryan Specht explain the importance of smashing silos; discussing how they changed their organizational structures to promote cross-disciplinary, cross-departmental teams; the challenges to working in this type of environment; and the type of ROI that is possible after implementing a cross-disciplinary approach.



EPISODE 4: The Great Debate: Earned versus Paid Media – featuring Rosemary Mercedes, Univision, and Jessica Shih, Verizon

Rosemary Mercedes and Jessica Shih weigh in on The Great Debate: Earned versus Paid Media, discussing how the marketing mix has evolved in the past number of years, what channels are their brands devoting more or less time and resources to, and why? And our guests outline how earned media can be leveraged to successfully build customer engagement and create a two-way conversation with desired stakeholders.



EPISODE 3: Identifying and confirming influencers featuring Stacey Tank, The Home Depot, and Carrie Kurlander, Chick-fil-A.

Leading comms pros Stacey Tank and Carrie Kurlander discuss the keys to building relationships with influencers, how can brands tap into the power of everyday consumers, and celebrity influencers: What works and what does not. As well as this, our panelists go into detail about measuring the bottom line impact of influencer programs and share some case studies from their respective brands.



EPISODE 2: Maintaining trust and control in today’s fragmented environment featuring Linda Rutherford, Southwest Airlines, and Chris Kuechenmeister, Frito-Lay North America.

Southwest Airlines’ Linda Rutherford and Frito-Lay North America’s Chris Kuechenmeister discuss how brands have effectively evolved how they use storytelling to drive authenticity; the importance of transparency in today’s market; how can organizations be the guardians of their brand, especially in the age of social media, and what do they see as the next evolution for content creation?




Chris Lynch, CMO, Cision, and Steve Barrett, VP, editorial director, PRWeek/MM&M, discuss the “Greatest Challenges in Communications.” Topics include: better alignment with other functions; talent recruitment and retention; the 24-7 chatter about your brand among external sources; and tightening budgets and competing with paid media for budget.


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