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Thursday / December 8.
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Absolut’s global pop-up painting party spotlights positive change

Absolut’s global pop-up painting party


For one special night of artistic expression, premium vodka brand Absolut brought together street artists from seven countries to celebrate global unity and show the brand’s dedication to creating community-based positive action.

Absolut began planning for the project last summer with Cult, a production company and entertainment agency wing of publishing group

“The core of the idea was to support different neighborhoods in different parts of the world and see if we could use creativity to drive positive change around specific topics which are in line with our brand beliefs,” explains Gaia Gilardini, global communications and channel marketing director at Absolut.

The campaign team decided to use one night to film street artists from around the world painting murals that relate to social or community issues in their respective neighborhoods.

Cult tapped’s network of videographers and producers to scout and arrange production at different locations worldwide. Issa PR, a longtime PR partner of, assisted with additional global media outreach efforts.

Media outreach focused on reaching culture, art, and trade media. The brand also developed a microsite to house campaign content.

 A Night for Change

Absolut held its Night for Change event on September 27. Cult’s production teams filmed as each artist created a mural with their “vision of a better tomorrow,” visualizing themes such as sustainability, global unity, and gender equality.



Artists included Panmela Castro from Rio de Janeiro; Emily Gray from Vancouver; Fansack from Chengdu, China; Ibo Omari, Poet 73, and Gris from Berlin; Avantika from Mumbai, India; Beta Rok 75 from Liverpool, U.K.; and Fumero from Brooklyn.

“Artists so often get hijacked by brands to essentially create pretty advertising,” said Constantin Bjerke, founder of and Cult. “Absolut did well to allow us to talk to the artists and learn about issues in their communities. None of the walls were branded.”

Footage from each location was sent to London to be compiled and edited by the brand film’s director, Aaron Rose.

On October 1, 2017, the #ANightForChange video was released on the brand’s YouTube channel. Absolut included a paid push for the video on social channels and, in the U.S., targeted people over the age of 21 who were interested in street art.



Fans could also check out the microsite for the campaign, which contained the brand video, features on the stories, and issues behind each of the respective works, and a link to purchase prints of each mural. Profits for art sold go toward local initiatives of the artists’ choosing and help fund artist workshop series and summits that will take place in the coming months.



Absolut has various branded social channels to reach specific markets all over the world. Once the video was completed, the artists used their social channels to promote the effort. Meteoro, an artist from Mexico City, was also supposed to be involved with the campaign, but dropped out after the earthquake in the city in late September.

Staying true to the message and drive of the campaign, Absolut sent a team to Mexico City in early December to show support for the community and Meteoro. Emily Gray and Beta Rok 75 accompanied the team to support Meteoro with her mural and help drive community engagement efforts.

“There are a lot of brands that talk about having a purpose and stating a belief,” adds Gilardini. “It’s important to state a belief, but it is more important to act upon it.”

Earned and paid social media outreach

Campaign efforts for A Night for Change saw Absolut land more than 40 media placements in outlets around the world, mostly in culture and trade press. Some notable outlets included GQVogue, The Huffington Post, and Hombre.

The brand video received approximately 331,000 views during just the first week of paid support on social channels, beginning on October 4. In addition, the completion rate of the video was four-times higher than the brand’s initial benchmark.

While the campaign team did not disclose the specific amount, Absolut reached the funding goal needed to bring to life upcoming artistic support programs in each of the individual markets for the campaign.


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