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Tuesday / July 5.
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Chicken Farmers of Canada hatch a new PR strategy

Chicken Farmers of Canada

Like all industry trade groups, the Chicken Farmers of Canada, an association of comprised of more than 2,800 farmers across the country, wants to ensure the interests of its membership are well represented.

“We work to make sure farmers’ voices are being heard,” said Marty Brett, senior corporate communications officer for Chicken Farmers of Canada. “This involves sharing their stories through PR, advertising, consumer outreach programs, and social media programs.

To expand its listening audience, as well as ensure ongoing, meaningful engagement with loyal followers, the association, a longtime user of Cision’s Influencer Database, recently upgraded to the Cision Communications Cloud.

The upgrade enabled the association to combine its database and media monitoring requirements into one, integrated platform. The association typically distributes eight to 12 releases annually using Cision Distribution by Canada Newswire, also accessible within the platform.

The initial intent was to shift the association’s focus away from “spray and pray” communications tactics and adopt a more targeted, individualized approach, which proved to be a challenge. “We need to stay connected with traditional media, and that is changing a lot,” Brett said.

The association also sought to consolidate its PR and comms service providers. Using multiple solutions vendors made executing and evaluating campaigns a laborious task. “In addition to being more targeted, we wanted to be more efficient from both a cost and resource perspective,” he acknowledged.

Cision’s multi-channel monitoring tools enable comms professionals to determine who they have reached with their news releases and earned media coverage, how their audience responded, what their competition is doing, what’s trending in their industry, and more. One of the goals of the software is to streamline the outreach process and allow the PR pro to have direct, targeted comms with interested media.

These capabilities were instrumental in the association’s decision to combine all of its communications solutions with Cision.  “The service and range of coverage were big factors for us,” said Brett. “Having our media monitoring and media relations (database) linked together has made our outreach and messaging more efficient. We now have multiple tools in our arsenal.”


We need to stay connected with traditional media, and that is changing a lot

Marty Brett, Chicken Farmers of Canada


The cloud takes the guesswork out of deciding which media to target. “Instead of just putting out content and hoping that it will be looked at, we can proactively identify those who are already interested in our content,” explained Brett. “We are better able to track the frequency of coverage and identify adversaries – and champions – for our key issues.”

Within the database, the team uses the “Talking About” search for keywords, phrases, and hashtags to gauge interest in its community. The database contains editorial calendars, which help identify new content opportunities.

The platform also ensures that digital coverage – including postings from news outlets – is included in media mentions. “With the ongoing digitization of newsrooms, a lot less content is being printed,” noted Brett.  “The range of coverage that Cision offered in the digital space was a major factor in our decision to add online monitoring to our services.”

The association has also begun using Advanced Analytics, which takes its unique search terms and scores them based on prominence and impact, allowing the comms team to better understand the quality of its news mentions. “This really helps us see what else is going on – in and around the industry,” said Brett. “The filters and keywords we can track will help us stay on top of trends and topics we may not have been following before.”

Going forward, the Chicken Farmers of Canada team is planning to shift its current outreach strategy to leverage the benefits of Cision’s services. “We want to find new brand champions and take a more personalized approach to our outreach,” said Brett. “We are just starting to use the new platform, but anticipate we will be able to better channel our media outreach and be more targeted, while cutting costs.”


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