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Thursday / December 8.
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Data intelligence helps the Museum of London increase visibility

Museum of London

Despite having two locations and attracting more than a million yearly visitors, The Museum of London wasn’t easily visible to the public.

Faced with the challenge of trying to attract more consumers, the museum wanted to determine the popularity of individual exhibitions, as well as demonstrate how its communications programs have attracted more people to both locations.

In order to meet the goals, the company partnered with Cision to develop a measurement framework that could align communications activities to these objectives, and achieve some key objectives: The measurements needed to identify the impact of the museum’ exhibitions and overall profile within mainstream and social media; the framework had to shed light on public awareness and interest in the museum’s expansion plans; and the museum wanted to show how all of these factors impacted overall visitor numbers.

Integrated effort

Cision worked with market research firm Opinion Matters, surveying 10,000 U.K. residents on lifestyle preferences, attitudinal statements, purchasing intents, and media consumption habits. Survey insights were integrated with media planning efforts to improve reach and awareness, creating an action plan for earned media implementation.

The strategy included content analysis and mainstream and social media content was sourced from English-language outlets. All content discussing the Museum of London was coded to help identify delivery of quantitative and qualitative metrics. Key messages, exhibitions, and topics were all looked at.

Cision’s analysis tool, AnalysisPro, gave the Museum of London real-time access to all traditional media analysis, allowing for fast and flexible engagement and reaction. Monthly mainstream summaries provided an overview of insights from the analyzed coverage and quarterly evaluation reports featured an in-depth analysis of trends, KPI achievement, and emerging themes. Recommendations for the Museum based on findings were delivered throughout the quarter for both mainstream and social media coverage.

This report includes key KPIs with actual performance measured against agreed upon targets. Laura Bates, the Museum of London’s PR manager, explains: “To do our jobs most effectively, we need to gauge our successes and see if we’re reaching the right people through the right medium.

“We’ve worked closely with Cision to share our audience research, target media, key messages, and visitor number information so we can accurately track the links between our media relations and what that means for our KPIs.”

The Museum of London provided Cision with visitor numbers plotted against both mainstream and social media coverage achieved during the quarter. To identify potential trends between coverage achieved and the Museum’s comms activity, the chart also detailed dates of the Museum’s news releases and any exhibition-specific advertising campaigns.

The report also featured social media coverage, including key stats on content sources, hashtags, and influencers.

Finally, to bring qualitative and quantitative data into the mix, Cision implemented surveys that assessed public awareness of each museum location.

“These awareness surveys about our impending move directly affect the ongoing communications work toward the move and will actively shape our strategy,” notes Bates.

Leveraging results

Over 75% of the coverage in the museum’s target publications included its key messages, while social media engagement rose 60% year on year.

“We are now able to use media intelligence to better target our audience, tweak messaging in forthcoming announcements based on previous messages, compare stats year on year to draw comparisons, and directly link visitor spikes to boosted media coverage,” stresses Bates.

Cision and the Museum of London are continuing their partnership. The reporting framework continues to help the Museum plan future communications campaigns. “All of this information is reviewed quarterly and use to inform the next set of planning,” explains Bates. “Over the last couple of years, the museum has ramped up its evaluation service. Insights and data are integral to accurately planning and delivering high-quality media relations. Cision’s analysis is imperative to that process.”

Additionally, the survey reports present the comms team with opportunities for future targeting. For example, there was a significant gap between how aware young adults were of the museum’s relocation plans for a new site in 2022, and how supportive they were of the move. These findings highlighted the importance of raising awareness of the relocation to generate more support among that demographic.


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