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Tuesday / July 5.
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Easy as 1, 2, 3: Steps to revamp your media relations strategy

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Having trouble getting earned media coverage?

The explosion of online content and the continuous emergence of new influencers across channels can be a challenge for PR pros. Add to that the dwindling number of traditional media outlets – there are six PR professionals for every journalist – and the end result may be difficulty to generate earned media coverage.

To keep ahead of today’s chaotic media landscape, communicators must adapt their comms strategies. Here are three easy steps for PR teams to ensure they’re still in the game.

Extend outreach across all channels, including social

While traditional media outlets may be shrinking their newsrooms, millions of new influencers are engaging with prospects and customers via social channels. These new personalities are often more influential than contacts at traditional media outlets. Use the same process to find synergy with a social influencer as a traditional journalist – research previous topics covered and audiences reached. Use technology to identify emerging influencers to build authentic and longstanding relationships, and to find ones that are not overused by others in the same industry.

Holistic view of influencer engagement

Targeting relevant influencers across all channels is essential, but unfortunately many comms pros are still working in silos. Social is frequently managed outside of the broader comms workflow, resulting in multiple tools and logins, inefficient processes – and most concerning – a disjointed view of the impact of campaigns.

By fully integrating social media outreach, monitoring, and analysis alongside traditional media, the comms team can better understand where a story is gaining the most traction, as well as the relative efficacy of different channels.

Gain insights to adapt outreach for future campaigns

When creating and executing cross-channel campaigns, comms teams should constantly assess the performance of programs and use those learnings to optimize future campaigns. By tracking the influencers and audiences engaging with the brand’s content, a data-driven approach to outreach can be applied. The brands also must make sure they only engage with those influencers that matter to the brand

Understand the topics that popular influencers cover, the type of content they share, and the audiences that view their content to identify those that best align with the brand’s earned media efforts. The more insight into key journalists and influencers, the more targeted a campaign will be and the faster there will be results.

This past June, Cision announced the launch of its new Social Influencer Discovery tool for the Communications Cloud, enabling users to identify emerging and established social media influencers and gain coverage on social channels. This new offering integrates with the rest of Cision Comms Cloud, empowering comms pros to manage their social outreach alongside the rest of their traditional media in a single, easy-to-use interface.

With Social Influencer Discovery, comms teams can:

• Expand the audience reach of comms campaigns by identifying social influencers who are likely to impact target customers and engage with them through their social network.

• Understand the most meaningful contributors to specific topics of discussion on social channels and identify the network of those individuals most influentially discussing those topics.

• Align influencer communications efforts with broader social media initiatives driven across an organization’s marketing function.

• Holistically manage social media and traditional media campaigns as part of a single, integrated workflow within the Comms Cloud user interface.

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