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Tuesday / July 5.
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Five ways brands can refresh their news release strategy

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The reason for sending a press release has extended beyond simply alerting the media of major corporate announcements. This is partially attributed to the evolution of how we send releases, who they are sent to, and the growing types of influencers who have a hand in shaping a company’s brand and reputation. Distribution is now an opportunity to tell a company’s story to traditional media, online, social, and other consumer audiences. Given this expansion, communicators must reconsider content distribution strategies.

Below are five ways to refresh the news release to most effectively achieve PR objectives through distribution:

Use it as an extension of your company website and blog

How do brands engage audiences outside of their owned spaces, while driving visibility back to their website and blog? The company website is a showcase for a brand’s identity. It’s filled with rich content such as product marketing, multimedia, blog posts, white papers, upcoming events, and more. While many resources are allocated toward owned spaces, the content loses its value if not positioned in front of the right audiences to meet that end goal.

Distributing news releases across different media platforms, geographies, and vertical industries ensures that new audiences are being reached. Include in the press release one to three links and a clear call to action that will drive visibility back to the company website, blog, and other marketing pages.

Embed multimedia

Multimedia content is a common element on company websites. Since a news release is an extension of a brand’s website, it is important to include a visual with which audiences can engage. Compelling visual assets, syndicated in all key audience channels, will ensure that content is eye-catching, simplified, memorable, and relatable.

Incorporate though leadership

Stakeholders and consumers want to believe in a brand before investing. One of the most effective ways for brands to build trust and credibility is to establish leadership roles in the space they operate. Every organization has solutions to offer — a news release is a prime opportunity for a brand to showcase its leadership.

Use the release to distill educational content that answers questions closely associated with a challenge or trend within an industry. Providing information that is educational and genuinely helpful allows a brand to demonstrate how its organization’s talent, research, and experience is a cut above alternative solutions.

Branch up and out

Brands can use a news release to join a conversation that extends its reach.
Company partnerships and joint ventures are a productive way to combine talent and resources to achieve mutual goals. Name drop the company’s collaborations and affiliations with other leading brands and/or public figures to bring in new audiences, demonstrate credentials and authenticity, and expand searchability.

Additionally, showing that the brand’s initiatives align with the content that its audiences connect with will resonate with current and potential consumers.

Create a teaser

The old axiom “Always leave them wanting more,” may also be applied to news releases. A news release is a means to a greater end result. An effective release sparks just enough interest for readers to want to dive deeper and get more information, requiring a visit to the company’s website, for example.

Given that the human attention span is so short, it is best to keep releases under 500 words. A concise release with a clear call to action will encourage customer behavior.

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