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Thursday / December 8.
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Get out of your comfort zone, get in with the C-suite

Cision Video Shoot

In this second of a two-part video series, Cision CEO Kevin Akeroyd continues his conversation with Bayer’s top two comms leaders – Ray Kerins, SVP of comms, government relations, and policy, and Chris Loder, VP of external comms. The trio offers valuable counsel on breaking down internal and external silos, while underscoring not only the importance of measurement to communications, but what PR pros really need to measure to prove indisputable value to the C-suite.

A path to more PR investment:

“It’s no secret how big the ad budgets have gotten in the last 10 years. It’s no secret how big the marketing budgets have gotten. And it’s because of ‘measuring impact.’ Comms [needs to] put that layer of measuring impact on top of [what they are doing] so they can get the same level of investment.”
Kevin Akeroyd

Getting comms involved at the start:

“Nothing drives me crazier than when someone writes up a program and tells [comms], ‘OK. Go execute this.’ That’s not how this works. Let us come in at the beginning. Let’s take your business goals, work with you to develop your strategies, and make sure everything you do along the way has a touchpoint.”
Ray Kerins

Carving new relationships:

“Sometimes comms people only focus on the TV producers or the hosts. Get to know the sales people. Get to know the president of the network. Get to know the head of sales for the network.”
Chris Loder


Check out this video for more valuable insights from this trio on influencer outreach, the first rule of media relations, and avoiding some of the most common pitfalls PR pros tend to make.


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