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Sunday / April 2.
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OnePoll survey campaign for Green Mountain successfully leverages America’s love of all things pumpkin

A recent study by OnePoll, the survey engine of SWNS Media Group, canvassed 2,000 American adults to find out just how much lovers of pumpkin spice were willing to sacrifice in order to get hold of their favorite flavor year-round. A lot, it turns out.

The study, held as part of a media campaign for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ brand team, examined Americans’ fall habits and behaviors and found 80% are on the pumpkin spice bandwagon.

This campaign was timed to generate media coverage in the weeks leading up to fall — primetime pumpkin season.

The research revealed some surprising responses, leveraged by SWNS to generate coverage:

  • 41% of participants said they’d give up alcohol and 28% would be willing to sacrifice chocolate
  • 35% of those who plan on enjoying something pumpkin spice-flavored say they would name their child “Pumpkin Spice” if it meant being able to have pumpkin spice coffee for life
  • 30% of pumpkin spice coffee drinkers are willing to sit in traffic for two hours every day to have the flavored coffee for life

Along with the page-ready news story created by the SWNS team, key findings of the research were illustrated in an infographic (pictured) and accompanied by a video.

The survey story earned over 100 pieces of coverage for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, with multiple sites including direct links to the coffee brand’s website. The media exposure accounted for an estimated 13 million coverage views and over 2,000 social shares.

The piece landed on top-tier sites like the New York Post, Fox News and Yahoo News, regional news sites such as South Florida Reporter, as well as lifestyle and food related sites. The story also landed on a variety of ABC, CBS and NBC affiliate stations.


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