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Monday / December 6.
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Pitching strategies guaranteed to catch a journalist’s attention

Picture of a journalist submitting a pitch via email

Imagine this: you’ve just sorted through the nearly endless sea of influencer profiles. After careful consideration, you’ve found the perfect journalist for your story. She embodies your brand and its values, and you know that her article will resonate with your target audience. You spend hours crafting the perfect pitch, send it off and leave the office. Your job is done. You check your inbox a few days later and see that the journalist has not responded to your email. Did you send it to the wrong person? Did the email not go through? Did it end up in spam?

The more likely reason you haven’t heard back? Another brand found this journalist and crafted a better pitch than you did. However, while the art of the pitch may seem daunting, you can dramatically improve your chances of reaching a journalist and continuously collaborating with them if you follow the strategies below.

Sorry, do we know each other?

Even if you find the perfect journalist for your story, it’s not a good idea to just blindly reach out. Have you ever interacted with this journalist before? Given the amount of people you interact with, it’s easy enough to forget if you had contacted this person, whether it was months or years ago. To keep track of these interactions, ditch the beat-up notebook hidden in the depths of your file cabinet. You need a platform that automatically stores email correspondence and keeps it in one, easily searchable place.

Cision Influencer Relationship Management doesn’t stop at just tracking your email correspondence. This feature allows you to truly nurture your relationship with the journalist. Stage and centralize the PR’s team notes and record any interaction you or your team members have had with the journalist. With Influencer Relationship Management technology, you will know exactly when the journalist was reached out to, whether it was by phone, text, or email, and who did the reaching out. You can tag individual journalists to know if a contact is a lead you’re pursuing a relationship with, one you know very well, or a detractor that you should avoid.

Now you’re speaking my language

Once you’ve nailed down your previous journalist interactions, it’s time to decide how to send your pitch. Some people hate when you text them and others hate when you call them. Journalists have the same preferences (often with email vs. social media). It’s your job to get to know and understand these preferences so that your perfectly crafted pitch goes to the right place. Keeping track of a contact’s preferred method of communication is key if you’ve interacted with them before. If you’ve never contacted a journalist prior to your pitch, it’s essential that you have access to a database platform that frequently updates contacts so that you not only know how to contact someone, but also know for sure that the contact info is still active.

Get to the point

You’re in the homestretch – you’ve chosen a journalist and made sure you know how and where to contact them. Now you’ll need to get the journalist to read it.

There’s nothing worse than receiving a long, rambling email with no clear purpose. With the average human attention span reaching an all-time low of just eight seconds, every second a journalist spends reading your email is critical. Deploy Cision Story Kits to make your message stand out in a clearly organized way to make a journalist more likely to read and understand your pitch.

Story Kits updates the humble pitch for a world of modern storytelling. The platform delivers your story in consumable bites, and includes quotes, spokespeople, high-res images and more. Arm your point of contact with all of the necessary facts, historical background, quotes, interviews and multimedia elements to ensure they understand your pitch and turn your pitch into a great story.

Pitching journalists shouldn’t be the most stressful part of your day. It is true that journalists are receiving more emails than ever before, but Cision Influencer Relationship Management arms you with the tools you need to cut through the chatter and get your message to the influencer that is going to make an impression on your target audience.


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